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Realtor & Vice President of Sales of Bryan College Station Real Estate

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Susan Hilton College Station Real Estate

Realtor & Vice President of Sales of Bryan College Station Real Estate

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Online Cyber Attacks are a Growing Threat to American Businesses

Movies like Live Free or Die Hard 3 have the tendency of portraying cyber attacks as nationally threatening terrorisms that could quite easily compromise the security of an entire nation. These depictions tend to be a little dramatic, with fired FBI agents and super computer hackers running the antagonist incentive: but they don’t necessarily overplay the ubiquitous threat of online hacking and identity theft. Does this really happen in Bryan College Station too?

A company called “LinkedIn” found itself as one of the more recent prime examples of the threat of cyber attacks and the consequences that generally follow. An attack on their system resulted in the leaking of passwords for over 6.5 million users. So discreet and advanced was the attack that hours after the allege assault that LinkedIn tweeted how their “team continues to investigate, but at this time we’re unable to confirm that any security breach has occurred.” The breach had occurred, and the attack had compromised the security and privacy of 6.5 million LinkedIn users.

In the weeks to come, LinkedIn was criticized for Read the rest of this entry »

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A Market in Recovery: Statistics up to July 2012 Suggest Real Estate Growth

The statistics are in and real estate in the Bryan-College Station area is, in many ways, much improved. There are far too many factors, however, to blatantly claim that the economy is back afloat and real estate will return in full to how it was before the market collapse. But it is safe to say that things are looking a bit better, and if things continue to improve at this rate, they just might.

What am I talking about, though? Well, real estate statistics from residential homes to recreational townhouses have been calculated and documented in every category by month for the year of 2012 by the Texas A&M Real Estate Center. These statistics, and comparisons with the statistics of the past three years, show a few promising results.

Total real estate sales, for example, have been increasing steadily from the beginning of the year. In January, the total sale amount was just 2.6 million. It increased consistently, however, climbing to 26.6 million in March, then 51.7 million in May, ending at 52.9 million at the end of July.

This extreme climb unfortunately represents an overall yearly trend, so that it is not likely for the total sales of real estate to continue climbing at such a rate for the next several months. The trend in real estate sales consistently peaks over the summer months, usually in June, and then begins to fall back down starting in July. But even despite this tendency, recent yearly statistics show that overall sales are climbing yearly.

For instance, the total monthly sales for all real estate Read the rest of this entry »

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Promising Prospects for the Market of Home Real Estate in College Station, Tx

For the past few months the nation has been hearing how the market is stabilizing. In fact, articles on evidence for the steadiness of the economy have become almost redundant. We get it. Unemployment rates are lower than they’ve been in years; businesses are once again growing and being created; the stock market (despite its occasional, but predictable vacillations) is growing slowly and steadily; and jobs are being created. Hurray, the economy has been saved. Life in the Brazos Valley can go back to what it once was. But there remains one minor question to be answered: when are we going to start seeing that reality reflect in the real estate industry?

The reality is that the unexpected plunge of real estate in Florida around 2009 sparked a nationwide real estate crisis. This, in turn, was one of the major flames to ignite our nation’s most recent recession. So it would appear only appropriate that the real estate industry suffer long after the recovery of every other aspect of our nation’s economy. The cause of our recession’s drought would inherently outlast the seemingly stable, progressing aspects of our pre-recession economy. Therefore, despite the various other regions of America’s economy now flourishing and returning to full vigilance, the market for selling and buying homes is supposed to linger in the arid economic desert until all signs of a healthy economy have been brought to light.

Which brings us to our next question: how much longer until the real estate market stabilizes as well? The answer, to the great enthrallment of homeowners still squatting in a vacant market, is not much longer. In fact, we might not have to wait at all. The economy is healthy, banks are recovering, jobs have been made, and homes are once more looking to be purchased.

Actually, little statistical evidence shows that the housing market is back on track. But for those hoping to get a head start, that doesn’t quite matter. Instead, the significant change has been the mood of potential buyers and sellers. That’s right: the attitude toward the housing market is changing, which is all the foreshadowing necessary to predict an upswing in the market for real estate. Think for a moment: with the economy stabilizing and the nations markets growing once more, people are anticipating that the housing market is going to bounce back as well. And rightly so. It’s a fact that it will only be a matter of time before the real estate industry recovers, and for potential home buyers looking to get the best deal on a selling home, now is the last chance to buy cheap.

But this isn’t just the biased perspective of a real estate blogger throwing out ideas. The Vice President and Chief Economist of Fannie Mae, Doug Duncan, claims that “conditions are coming together to encourage people to want to buy homes.” Duncan’s speculation comes from his understanding that “Americans’ rental price expectations for the next year continue to rise, reaching their record high level.” From these projections, Duncan predicts that some of America’s home renters might find home ownership as a more compelling option due to the rising rent prices.

Fannie Mae conducts a real estate survey every month, and the vibe emanating from the respondents are suggesting some interesting things. To start, the percent of respondents who think that it is a good time to buy has reach a high of 73%. To accompany this compelling statistic, the number of respondents who claimed it is a good time to sell also rose. This coupling suggests the market is ready to expand, as buyers and sellers come closer to reaching an agreement on the negotiated and offered prices. With more people looking to sell and more looking to buy, the market automatically grows. From there it’s only a matter of processing statistics to show that home sales are finally recovering.

Perhaps the dramatic increase of respondents looking to buy is an effect of projected rising home sales. In fact, regarding respondents’ expectations of home price increases over the next twelve months, the highest amount of respondents from this entire year claimed home prices would climb. Also, coinciding with Vice President Doug Duncan’s understanding, almost 50% of respondents are anticipating rental prices to go up.

For further encouragement regarding the real estate market, 66% of the respondents of Fannie Mae’s survey claimed that, if they were to move within the next year, they would buy a home. This is a strikingly encouraging prospect (assuming the opinions of Fannie Mae’s respondents are reflective of the overall population), and owners with homes on the market can certainly look forward to a steadily growing pool of potential home buyers.

All in all, Fannie Mae’s survey shows us not that the market for home real estate is already recovering, but rather that the opinions and attitudes of the public are gradually shifting in the favor of the real estate market. Rising renting costs are causing people to shift their interest back to home ownership. Low prices for homes, likely only to rise over the next years, are also encouraging prospects for potential home buyers. And the overall stabilization of the economy is assuring potential home owners that the value of their purchase will not plummet the moment after they purchase their new home. So while the statistics are showing very little in the means of a growing market for the real estate industry, it is clear that America is ready to trust home ownership once more. And because of this, the market for real estate will begin steadily restoring itself.

PS – Susan Hilton is Bryan College Station, Texas’ real estate specialist in foreclosure sales and real estate agent career building so if you need help – CALL! 979-219-3970

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Using HomePath to Purchase Foreclosed Real Estate

There is no great wonder regarding the effects of the nation’s latest mortgage crisis both in Bryan College Station, Texas and the nation as a whole. Loans were left unpaid, and homes were abandoned as banks and the government foreclosed on them. The question is: what became of all those homes that various banks confiscated? With all the lost finances and the economic downturn, there has got to be a stockpile of these homes just waiting to enter the market at steal prices. Fortunately enough for Realtors and home-buyers, even those in the Brazos Valley, there is such a stockpile. And, through a new program instigated by the great mortgage giant Fannie Mae, these homes are now available for inspection and purchase online.
That’s right. As if the web wasn’t growing fast enough, now prospective home-buyers can evaluate and even place offers on homes via the world wide web (through a licensed Realtor, of course). But first, let’s consider Fannie Mae and how this program came to be.

Fannie Mae is in fact the largest lender throughout the United States. And the current exponential growth of their real estate ownership is primarily due to the incredible number of recent foreclosures. It is a reality of the market that when a bank forecloses on a house, businesses like Fannie Mae stoop in to relieve the Bank of their loss, while turning a small profit of their own in return. However, with the drastic quantity Read the rest of this entry »

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Recent Growth of Real Estate Sales in the Brazos Valley

The recession hurt our nation’s real estate industry. There’s no way around it but thankfully the Bryan College Station market has not been hurt anywhere near the rest of the country.  Unpaid mortgage loans were a large cause of the recession, and echoes from the plummet of real estate values following this crash are still being felt nation-wide. So, perhaps an infrequently asked question in recent months: how have Real
Estate Agents
been faring? The answer is, surprisingly — quite well. With the turn of the economy and the gradual climb of home sales, Real
Estate Agents are returning to the top. With Texas, and particular areas in the Brazos Valley, spearheading this recovery.

US News has rated Real Estate Agents as one of the best jobs of 2012, with high flexibility and a high employee satisfaction rate. And, if this isn’t surprising enough, the market for positions as a real estate agent is expected to grow at an unusually high rate of 12.2% over the next eight or so years. Luckily for up and coming employment seekers, obtaining a license has never been more simple. The only real requirements are a high school diploma, and a passing grade on a state administered written exam (although a college degree will assuredly help agents to move forward in their field). So we can be sure to see the expected growth in this industry over the next several years.

But how is all of this happening?

To begin with, the economy is recovering. In fact, recently revised employment data for Texas suggests that the State economy is undergoing
“a more solid economic recovery than before.” Unemployment rates in Texas are down to 7.2%, a full 2% decrease from the National average
just one year ago. And to top it all off, the annual growth rate of non-agricultural jobs in Texas increased 2.6% from last year (compared
with only a 1.6% increase across the nation). Texas’ economy is in good shape, and improving.

What myou can optimistically take this to mean is that the economy in Texas (and across the nation) is more stable than it was in the spring of
2011, when the first real signs of recovery started (ending in another brief market collapse). This only means good things for the real estate
industry: but, in laymen’s terms, it means there’s more money out there for people to buy homes. More money to buy homes means more homes sold.  And more homes sold means more business for Real Estate Agents.

However, this prospect does not only suggest that the market for real estate is returning to its previous state. Instead, research shows that the
industry is growing, making room for thousands of new positions over the next few years.

So let’s rationalize for a moment.

Over the span of the recession, and the several months before, the market for selling houses did not slow. Only the market for buying houses came to an abrupt halt, as people began conserving cash and deciding it in their best interest to postpone home ownership (as well as the process of obtaining loans became more difficult). Neglecting the percentage of investors who took full advantage of the reduced home sales, most homes have remained on the market since, as more homes have joined the market over the past few years. And now, as the economy climbs back to stability, people looking once again to own homes have entered a vast market. This means extra business for Real Estate Agents.  And as Texas’ economy is performing well above the national average, it is no wonder that the market for real estate agents has reached the Best Jobs list of 2012.

But, of course, homes are not the only aspect of real estate that agents thrive off of. Business real estate, as well, is a heavy factor of an agent’s success. And Texas, particularly the Brazos valley, is not short on business growth. For instance, College Station’s business district, Northgate, is experiencing a prime period of development as old business and real estate make way for new opportunities. New student housing complexes are leading the way, the first of which, called “The Stack,” being immediately followed up by a second new high-rise to be constructed just feet away. This second complex will be 18 stories tall, housing over 175 student apartments, as well as a grocery store in the
ground level and a 400 space parking garage. Construction for this new development should begin over the next few weeks, and marks only one aspect of a real estate explosion which is occurring all over the state.

In fact, evidence shows that all but four Texas Metropolitan areas have increased in the number of jobs available over the past year, and several of the lowest unemployment rates across the nation are in Texas cities. Exciting things are happening for the real estate industry,
especially in Texas: and real estate agents are (and will be) reaping the benefits. So when you are ready for a career in real estate…. CALL SUSAN HILTON!

PS –  Susan Hilton is Bryan College Station,
Texas’ real estate specialist in foreclosure sales and real estate
agent career building so if you need help –
CALL!             979-219-3970



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