Susan Hilton College Station Real Estate

Realtor & Vice President of Sales of Bryan College Station Real Estate

Wife, Mother, REO Team Leader & Sales Manager for the BEST REAL ESTATE AGENTS in Bryan/College Station! Century 21 Beal, Inc. continues to provide the highest quality training and service in the Brazos Valley and it is an honor to be affiliated with this company!

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Susan Hilton College Station Real Estate

Realtor & Vice President of Sales of Bryan College Station Real Estate

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What to Look for in a College Station or Bryan Home

Some decisions are easy ones. Do I support Texas A&M or TU? Do I live in Bryan College Station or Lubbock? Do I want chocolate ice cream or double chocolate ice cream? Others are not quite as straightforward. Which house is best for your family? Choosing a home to buy might require seeing several options and considering a list of criteria. Below are factors that should be considered when considering purchasing a home.

Where is the house located? It is often said that this is the most valuable thing to consider when buying a home. Almost any other part of the home can be changed or remodeled to fit your preferences, but you cannot pick up and move away from your neighbors. When looking around town at your options, consider the proximity of your home to your work, the feel of the neighborhood that the house is a part of, noise from traffic, pets or neighbors and how close the home is to parks, shopping strips, schools and public transportation.

Consider the features of the house as well. If you are looking at a home in the hills, does this house have the view you want? Are there multiple flights of stairs you will have to climb daily? Does the house offer you the privacy from neighbors? Does the yard feel safe and would you be comfortable letting your children play in it outside and using it for whatever you will need – gardening, sitting, pets, or other uses? Is the elevation of the driveway safe? Are the stairs too steep? These are all things that need to be considered.

Not only do you want to feel like you have privacy from your neighbors, but you will want to check out the area Read the rest of this entry »

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Good Relationship with Contractors

There are some projects in your College Station home that you deem too valuable to figure out on your own.You may not even want a handyman coming in and attempting them without an official license and professional training. No, certain projects, like installing a hot water heater and high voltage outlets and replacing zone valves for hot water heating are too serious to skimp out on. You may have a faucet that has been leaking constantly and cannot seem to be fixed by the traditional methods. You may be interested in large scale renovations – remodeling part or large portions of your home.

Professional contractors are perfect for ensuring quality work. With an unlicensed handyman, you are risking encountering additional problems in the future. You are even risking a job-not-so-well-done that might result in a large scale disaster later on – a flood or even a fire. The additional cost for the professional seems to fade away in the face of recovering from one of these large scale disasters.

With all electricians, plumbers and HVAC guys, it is crucial to maintain a strong professional relationship. You do not necessarily have to be best friends. It is essential to be respectful and to

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Tax Deductions for Rental Properties


This is one of the biggest ways to save on your taxes. Depreciation allows owners to deduct a portion of the cost of their property over several years. The actual cost of the rental property is not able to be fully deducted in the same year you pay for it.

By the IRS’s standards, if you depreciate the entire building with its contents, it must take 27 ½ years for a residential property, or 39 years for a commercial property. Each year, you can have an income of up to your depreciation value without having to pay any income taxes on it. There are strategies that speed this process up such as segregation, dividing up appliances and furniture which depreciate in about five years.

Improvements and repairs

Making improvements and repairs to a rental property is inevitable. However, the full cost of any

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Schulte Roofing for Bryan College Station Homes

Roofs are the covers of our home and hold out harsh conditions. They keep my Bryan College Station home,  family &  belongings safe and dry. Roofs need to be maintained and inspected properly to avoid running into major problems and expenses. The best route to take is to have a quality roof installed in the first place. Everyone wants to be confident that they have a first class roof over their head. Choosing a roofing company that won’t let you down is the key to this confidence.

Schulte Roofing has been voted Best of the Brazos for three years in a row. Their small town originated business employees honest, hard workers who genuinely want to impress their customers. Their original slogan was “committed to excellence.” Since then, this has been added to. Their mission statement now is “to provide roofing installations that exceed manufacturer specifications and to provide competitive pricing for our customers while not sacrificing quality to insure our slogan ‘committed to excellence.’ To maintain profitability to underwrite our company’s growth and stability in our marketplace for today and in the future for both the customer and our employees.”

Since 1991, they have been providing The Bulletproof Roof guarantee, meaning that their products and service warranties have no holes! According to Schulte Roofing, a hole is any reason or excuse that a product or service provider may give a client for not honoring their warranty or guarantee. Schulte Roofing is built on solid and dependable policies and guarantees. They are bulletproof!

Schulte Roofing has a 100% satisfaction or your money back guarantee and a complimentary three-year roof maintenance program.

The “no blame game” guarantee is a 25 year guarantee stating that if a manufacturer makes excuses or refuses to honor their warranty, Schulte Roofing will accept personal responsibility to repair your roof at no charge to you for a period of 25 years.

They have a written labor warranty for seven to 20 years offered to clients as well, and a written manufacturing warranty with the options of 20 years, 50 years, or a lifetime guarantee. There are no hidden costs for clean-up, taxes or permits necessary to installing and repairing your roof.

The $250.00 leak guarantee states that if your roof acquires a leak (not including those developed from tornadoes, hurricanes, ice damming or the work of any other tradesman) from material faults or problems with installation, Schulte Roofing will repair it and any interior damage at no cost to you. But that’s not all; they will also pay you $250.00!

Schulte Roofing has an annual 17 point examination and attic analysis, up to 150 feet of annual gutter cleaning and up to two skylights cleaned annually. In addition, they offer up to 100 square feet of roof debris removed annually, guaranteed priority appointment in the case of storms or repairs, and an exclusive ten percent discount fee on any repairs.

In addition to all of these guarantees, Schulte Roofing employs top notch manufacturer-trained workers, who are all part of the Federal Drug Free Workplace Program. These hard workers are screened, and drug tested before they are brought on as employees. Schulte Roofing desires skilled, trained and screened individuals who can properly install roofing material. All installation workers are required to attend continuing education courses each year and safety meetings each month. Schulte Roofing employees are honest individuals committed to building low priced roofs that exceed manufacturer specifications.

The policies and values of Schulte Roofing and their employees guarantee a steadily-growing company that provides ideal stability for both customers and employees. Customers are eager to do business with companies who are going to stick around for a long time. If a customer has a claim warranty issue, he or she wants the company to be around to fulfill their end of the warranty. Schulte Roofing has been around for many years and has built up a good reputation in the community.

The specific services Schulte Roofing provides are new roof installations, reroofs, and application of Hardie siding, gutters, and replacement windows. Their employees know the formula for the perfect roof combines high wind fastening patterns with premium underlayment, ice and water shield, double ridge caps for shingle roofs and premium quality ventilation.

All of these products can be provided by Schulte roofing. It is important that all products on your roof are from one manufacturer. If you have products from several different manufacturers, your claims are more likely to be denied from a roofing manufacturer.

Schulte Roofing is a member of the Roofers Success International, National Roofing Contractors’ Association, the Better Business Bureau, Metal Roofing Alliance, BCS Home Builders Association, BCS Apartment Association, and area Chambers of Commerce (in Bryan, College Station, Grimes County, Washington County and Austin County).

They have been honored as Certainteed Silver Star Contractors, Certainteed Select Shingle Roofers, Owens Corning Preferred Contractor, and Verisco authorized installers. The company has obtained the Technician Seal of Safety, status of Recommended Roofer and was named in Roofing Contractor magazine as one of the top 100 roofing contractors in the nation. In addition to all of this, they have been voted the Readers’ Choice Winner in The Eagle Newspaper for the past three years.

Additional services that Schulte Roofing offers to their customers are 24/7 answering service, professionally-uniformed work crews and personnel, full service sheet metal shop, no initial money required (payment occurs upon satisfactory completion of work), and complete handling of all insurance claims and necessary paperwork.


Susan Hilton

CENTURY 21 Beal, Inc.


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Buying a Home Troubleshooting

Buying a home for the first time usually includes several visits to many different properties in the area. A buyer wants to consider all options before making a final decision. After the third or fourth house, memories may start blending together, so it is a fantastic idea to take notes and even photos when you visit. If you see something about the house that stands out, something you passionately like or dislike, take a photo of it. This way, when you look back on what you thought of each home, you can remember them accurately.

There is a list of things to be on the lookout for inside of the house. You want to spot anything that may incur an extra cost – minor replacements or long-term work on the structure.

In the kitchen, bathroom, laundry and any other room with a sink, turn on the water to check pressure and drainage. Notice the color of the water and make sure it is not dirty. You may even want to leave it running for a bit and take a drink from the faucet to see how it tastes.

How is the hot water system? Is it large enough for you and or your family? Look for leaks, rust and signs of aging around the hot water system. If it is a gas heater, check when the last service Read the rest of this entry »

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