Susan Hilton College Station Real Estate

Realtor & Vice President of Sales of Bryan College Station Real Estate

Wife, Mother, REO Team Leader & Sales Manager for the BEST REAL ESTATE AGENTS in Bryan/College Station! Century 21 Beal, Inc. continues to provide the highest quality training and service in the Brazos Valley and it is an honor to be affiliated with this company!

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Susan Hilton College Station Real Estate

Realtor & Vice President of Sales of Bryan College Station Real Estate

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The Barracks Townhomes Best Student Housing in Aggieland

The Barracks at Rock Prairie Townhomes is located at 3302 General Parkway near the intersection of Rock Prairie road and Wellborn road in College Station. They offer townhomes for sale or for lease. Varying townhomes are available, beginning at 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and ranging to 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms townhomes.  The location is very convenient and right off of Wellborn road which allows for direct access to campus. It also offers a unique college-community feeling due to all of the townhomes being located in the same area.

The townhomes are also located near the new HEB Towerpointe shopping center that just opened off of Highway 40. This shopping center is quickly expanding and already offers sandwich shops, sushi shops, fast-food, banks, hair salons and so much more.

Some of the quality parts of the townhomes include the three texture exterior finish which includes stone, brick and hardy and the entire exterior except for the roof is maintained by the homeowners association. The roof has a 30-year warranty. Nine foot ceilings and crown molding can be found throughout the townhomes and add to the open spacious feeling of the homes. Granite countertops, sleek custom kitchen cabinetry and a stone eating bar complete the kitchens. Kitchens also come with full appliances and stainless steel appliances are available. Stained concrete floors in the living, kitchen and bathrooms allow for easy clean-up and carpeted bedrooms invite a cozy atmosphere. Granite vanities are in every bathroom. Light fixtures, ceiling fans, and kitchen hardware is oil rubbed bronze hardware. Digital a/c thermostats are in each home, with two zoned thermostats in the two-story homes. Read the rest of this entry »

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It’s What’s on the Outside That Counts?

I have always raised my children that it’s what’s on the inside that counts, not the outside; however when it comes to real estate, first impressions are everything!  Just think about it…would you buy a car that had a rebuilt engine and interior if the outside was completely beaten up or the paint was rusted?  Some might say yes because they could have it repainted, but they would want it cheap.  Most would pay more for a car with an amazing interior and pristine paint, and it would sell a lot quicker.  The same goes with homes.  Bottom line is that homes that are beautiful inside and out sell much faster than those without curb appeal!

This is the busiest time of the year in the real estate world, which is wonderful, but it also means that there is a ton of competition out there.  Many times I may show 10-20 homes in one day to one client, and sometimes they drive around and preview homes before we even go inside.  Many times a home gets passed up if the home doesn’t have great curb appeal.  It doesn’t  matter how adorable it is on the inside because my clients never make it inside.

When it comes time to list your home, you must separate yourself from your home and look at it as you were a buyer!  I have a few tips for you to make it a little easier for you!
Step 1…walk out on to the street and look at your home from the street level.  Look at it through the eyes of a buyer.  Is wooden garage door in dire need of new stain, is the paint chipping, how does the front door look?  Is the home warm and welcoming or does it look like it hasn’t been maintained in years?  If they think the outside is bad, they will assume that the inside is worse!  Paint is one of the easiest fixes.  Nothing makes a home look more inviting than freshly painted trim and doors,  newly stained shutters or garage door.

Step 2…look at the landscaping.  Is the grass green, are the hedges trimmed, is the lawn edged, and are there fresh flowers?  Nothing looks worse than a dead yard, over grown landscaping, or dead plants/flowers in the yard.  You can make the home look great with just a few minor adjustments.  Pull any weeds, trim the bushes, edge the yard, throw out some mulch, and grab a few new flowers for the flower beds.  You might even get some adorable pots and plant some flowers in them for the front entry!  You have no idea how different the same home can look with some easy landscaping touches.

Step 3…have an agent or an inspector look for things that might be potential problems in an inspection so you nip them in the bud before you ever have a buyer.  I am not saying that I am an inspector; however, I have been on enough inspections to know what things could show up on a report.  A few of these things are rotten wood, limbs touching the roof, broken window seals, and drainage issues.  Many of these things are easy fixes but can alarm potential buyers.  Have a realtor walk around and show you potential problems, or hire an inspector to do a pre-listing inspection to find anything that could be wrong with the home!  This may cost you a little money on the front end, but it could potentially save  a sale(and quite a bit of money) on the back end!!

Step 4…Look at the drive way and walkway.  Again, it’s all about first impressions.  If you have a low spot in your sidewalk that holds water, it can turn a little green and is just gross looking!  That is an easy fix with just a little bleach, and it makes a huge difference!  If the sidewalk or driveway is badly damaged, you might replace or repair it as this is the path that leads to your home!

Step 5…De-clutter and clean!  Wash all the windows inside and out, pick up any toys or old patio furniture that might be sitting in the front yard, and change all the light bulbs.  Make sure your walk way is clean and inviting, and even look at your home during the night to see how it appears at night.

The bottom line is that no matter how beautiful your home is inside, many may not have the chance to see that if they drive by and it looks as if someone may not even live there or doesn’t care!  The most important thing you can do is hire a professional to help you get your home ready to list and sell in the time you want for the money you want!

For this and other tips, give me, Farrah Spears, a call at 979-229-0919


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Have You Seen Realtor Farrah Spears With Her Boots On in College Station?

YouTube Preview Image

If you haven’t seen Farrah Spears, Realtor with Century 21 Beal, with her boots on checkout this video!!!

Farrah has helped bring awareness and support to the Boot Campaign in Bryan College Station. The campaign was started by the Boot Girls! Check out the campaign and thank Farrah for her support of the troops!

Aggieland Boot Campaign

Get Your Boots On & Support Our Troops

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Chinese Drywall in YOUR HOME in Bryan College Station?

Carol Rakowitz arranged for Steve Jolly from Texas Professional Inspections to talk with the agents of Century 21 Beal about Chinese Drywall.  Most people have no idea that his could be an issue in their homes nor do they know how much it could affect their home and health.

Chinese Drywall came into the country during around 2001 through 2007  due to the shortage of building materials after hurricanes.  The drywall came from China. It has been outlawed BUT many experts believe it is still coming into the country through Mexico and is NOT labeled as Chinese drywall.

Chinese Drywall emits a sulfur gas. The gas CAN (but not always) emit a noxious odor. This fume/gas corrodes copper and other metals which will damage electrical wiring, plumbing, appliances, electronics in the home, air conditioning PLUS what it does to your body and the bodies of your pets.

So, what do you do if you think you might have Chinese Drywall or if you want to make sure you aren’t purchasing a home with Chinese Drywall?  First – get an inspection from someone who has experience with Chinese drywall.  Then ask LOTS of questions!  Has the owner ever noticed a sulfur smell? Have the appliances been replaced? Have they had any corrosion issues with their electrical systems?

If you find YOUR home has Chinese drywall I suggest you contact Foreman and Associates to discuss possible abatement remedies and get an evaluation. I am not affiliated with Foreman and Associates and have not used them but they are one of the only sources I have found to be providing information and ideas at this time for our area.

Many homes with Chinese drywall must be stripped down to the slab, roof and studs to be remedied so this is an issue to take very seriously.



Susan Hilton

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Saving Energy in Your Bryan College Station Home

The average home in Bryan-College Station today consumes twice the amount of power and twice as many electrical outlets as a home in the 1960’s or 1970’s. Weather changes often have a significant impact on the increase in utility costs and regardless of what one may think there are ways to keep those bills steady year round. So….front view

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