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Realtor & Vice President of Sales of Bryan College Station Real Estate

Wife, Mother, REO Team Leader & Sales Manager for the BEST REAL ESTATE AGENTS in Bryan/College Station! Century 21 Beal, Inc. continues to provide the highest quality training and service in the Brazos Valley and it is an honor to be affiliated with this company!

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Susan Hilton College Station Real Estate

Realtor & Vice President of Sales of Bryan College Station Real Estate

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Fall Decorating Part 2

Make a fall harvest wreath that you can hang over a mirror with ribbon or secure on a door with tacks or sticky strips. To make this beautiful wreath, you will need an 18-inch straw wreath form, four to five bags of dried cornhusks (8 ounces each) and U-pins. You can pick up the husks at any craft store or Mexican food shop. Soak the corn husks in water for about ten minutes or until they are pliable. Tear into strips that are about two inches wide and bend each strip in half. Stick a U-pin into the ends of the strip and attach it to the wreath. It is best to work from the inside of the wreath out, and you will need to make rows of four or five strips. Work in a circular direction so the husks overlap each other neatly and lie flat over the U-pins.

Making an oak leaf cornucopia is another classic fall decoration. For this project you will need white spray primer, an 18-inch cornucopia basket, gold floral Read the rest of this entry »

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Fall Decorating in Bryan College Station Texas – Part 1

Fall is in the air, and Halloween and Thanksgiving are fast approaching. Some trees in Bryan and College Station decorate themselves with crisp yellow and orange leaves, and even the wind smells festive. I don’t know about you, but when I see nature begin to display its fall decorations, I want to pull out my own to spruce up my home. There are many different ways to save on decorating, and it is too easy to create your own fall crafts.

Fall garland is seasonal and perfect for draping around your doorway. Use multicolored decorative dried corn and space out the cobs six to eight inches apart on a string of raffia. Tie the raffia around each piece of dried corn where the husk meets the kernels. Doing it this way will make the cobs hang off of the garland vertically. If you want them to sit horizontally, you can tie the tip of one cob to the husk of the next with something sturdier, such as floral wire.

A pinecone lamp finial is an excellent way to bring a tiny bit of the festivity

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Grand Stafford Theater Reopens

While walking through Downtown Bryan admiring all of the different venues, I noticed a new one I had not noticed before: The Grand Stafford Theater. This venue reopened the first weekend in September and has a long list of shows lined up over the coming months. Over 100 people showed up for the opening night.

The renovations of the Grand Stafford are just part of the revitalization of Downtown Bryan that is currently in the works. As new restaurants, bars and venues open up, the area will only grow in popularity, and the artistic culture will continue to flourish.

This historic building dates back to 1910 and has housed concerts and performances for decades. Artists like Green Day, No Doubt, and Lyle Lovett have performed here along with hundreds more. Songs by Grace Kelly and Marlon Brando once bounced off the walls of this structure, but a fire in the 80’s banished Read the rest of this entry »

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College Station Coffee Houses

Some of my favorite parts of College Station are the coffee shops! Because of the nearby university, the city is littered with eclectic and inspiring coffee houses.

The campus alone has several options for those looking for the perfect reading spot or a strong cup of Joe. In the newly renovated MSC, there is a Barnes & Noble shop with a spacious sitting area near their Starbucks coffee bar. The glass walls and bright contemporary furniture give the shop a mod feel. It is very well lit and has a nice variety of cushy comfy seats and tables to appeal to all sorts of potential customers. Whether you are looking to curl up in a large chair, sit down and study at a table, or spend time lounging and chatting with a friend, the Barnes & Noble Starbucks can cater to all needs.

Poor Yorick’s is a coffee bar tucked away in a corner of Evan’s Library on main campus. There is a long bar where customers can sit and drink their coffee or pull out something to work on. Tall and low tables and chairs are also available for the coffee seeker. The best part of this spot is that nearby there is a study area with square booths. The back of the booths has walls that reach about five feet up to block out sound and provide privacy.

Bernie’s café is a cute little place tacked onto the side of Sbisa Diner. With glass display counters and tall stools Read the rest of this entry »

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Chick-fil-a in Bryan and College Station – Family Friendly

cowsHave you eaten at the Chick-fil-a in College Station? How about the one in Bryan on Briarcrest? What about the one at Tamu?  What has been your experience?

The Mission Statement is “Be America’s Best Quick Service Restaurant”. I think they go much further than this.

I have always been a fan of Chick-fil-a. Sometimes I don’t like it when they are closed on Sunday but I have always been impressed by their commitment to their families and employees. Could they make more money if they were open on Sundays too? Sure! But, in the long run they believe Read the rest of this entry »

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