Susan Hilton College Station Real Estate

Realtor & Vice President of Sales of Bryan College Station Real Estate

Wife, Mother, REO Team Leader & Sales Manager for the BEST REAL ESTATE AGENTS in Bryan/College Station! Century 21 Beal, Inc. continues to provide the highest quality training and service in the Brazos Valley and it is an honor to be affiliated with this company!

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Susan Hilton College Station Real Estate

Realtor & Vice President of Sales of Bryan College Station Real Estate

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Century 21 Beal is having an Easter Egg Hunt!

Join us at the CENTURY 21 BEAL, INC. ANNUAL EASTER EGG HUNT! Take pictures with the Easter Bunny, Hunt Eggs and win LOTS of Prizes!!! Please bring your own basket. Central Park 9:30 Open to ALL! Questions? Call 979-764-2100 or info@century21bcs.comEaster Egg Hunt

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City of College Station, Texas Video

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Great video about the Bryan College Station Aggieland area. Feel free to share with others. Our community continues to grow! We have a new hospital, new businesses, new home developments, new restaurants and so much more.  Where else could anyone want to live?

Susan Hilton

CENTURY 21 Beal, Inc.

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Lawn and Garden

Nowadays,  lush green front yards in Aggieland are few and far between, but when I do, I remember when I was a kid and really enjoyed the lush grass. Despite the changing times, healthy lawns and gardens will never go out of style. Maintaining a healthy lawn is a key part of taking care of your home. Here are some tips on how to keep your grass and flower beds in tip top shape.

Mow high and mow less. When mowing your yard, keep in mind that the shorter you mow your lawn, the harder it will be to keep it looking green. Try cutting your grass at a height of about three to three and a half inches. If you cut your grass too short, it is likely to suffer from a weak, root system and will not be healthy enough to obtain the water and nutrients it needs from the soil.

Leave the clippings in your yard. The myth that these will create thatch is not true. Grass blades consist mainly of water but also contain many nutrients. Eventually, you will be able to use less Read the rest of this entry »

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Games Against Hunger at Texas A&M University in College Station Tx

North America has been destroyed, and the Capitol is evil. The new nation is Panem, and it consists of 12 districts. Each district must send a teenage boy and girl to the annual Hunger Games. This sick event is punishment for an uprising that occurred years before and is an ongoing event to use government intimidation. If not twisted enough already, this event is nationally televised, and the nation watches as the “tributes” fight one another until there is only one left.

This is the plotline for the ever-famous book, The Hunger Games. This year, a group of students at Texas A&M University created an event for college kids and others alike to come together and participate in this “life or death” event to fight Read the rest of this entry »

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New Texas Regulations will affect Homeowners Associations

Homeowners Associations (HOAs) in the Brazos Valley are neighborhoods that have set certain rules, fees and conditions for homeowners. The lack of a regulation policy is primarily due to the independence of the Homeowners Association from the state of Texas. Unlike Florida or California, Texas law has very little regulation regarding Homeowners Associations throughout the state. This is changing, however, thanks to recent bills that were passed through the Texas Legislature meant to monitor the implementation of HOAs.

It is always possible as a Texan homeowner to live in a neighborhood that was not developed under the conditions of an HOA, or perhaps outside of residential living all together. Today, however, over 4.5 million Texans live in residential areas that are affected by or under the influence of Homeowners Associations. That is almost 20% of all Texan properties have been under the power of generally unregulated entities until this point. The recently passed bills through Texas Legislature have changed how HOAs will be governed, including their powers over particular penalties and foreclosures, and provide additional rights to homeowners concerning the use of their property.

Homeowners Associations are set up by real estate developers as a means to market, manage and sell homes in a residential area. They are often viewed positively for their ability to provide neighbors with shared values and Read the rest of this entry »

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