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Realtor & Vice President of Sales of Bryan College Station Real Estate

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Susan Hilton College Station Real Estate

Realtor & Vice President of Sales of Bryan College Station Real Estate

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Fall Decorating in Bryan College Station Texas – Part 1

Fall is in the air, and Halloween and Thanksgiving are fast approaching. Some trees in Bryan and College Station decorate themselves with crisp yellow and orange leaves, and even the wind smells festive. I don’t know about you, but when I see nature begin to display its fall decorations, I want to pull out my own to spruce up my home. There are many different ways to save on decorating, and it is too easy to create your own fall crafts.

Fall garland is seasonal and perfect for draping around your doorway. Use multicolored decorative dried corn and space out the cobs six to eight inches apart on a string of raffia. Tie the raffia around each piece of dried corn where the husk meets the kernels. Doing it this way will make the cobs hang off of the garland vertically. If you want them to sit horizontally, you can tie the tip of one cob to the husk of the next with something sturdier, such as floral wire.

A pinecone lamp finial is an excellent way to bring a tiny bit of the festivity

to your ordinary home furnishings. You can use a naturally colored pinecone or you can spray paint it silver. If the lamp you want to decorate does not come with a finial (which is the small piece that screws into the top of your lamp) you can easily find one at any local hardware store. To make this finial, sand the bottom of your pinecone until it is smooth. Put a dot of hot glue on the bottom of the pinecone and stick it to the top of the lamp’s finial. Let it dry and voila!

Miniature cornucopias are easy to make and festive decorations. You can create them by simply rolling pieces of caning into cones. Cut out a rectangle of caning that measures approximately seven by five inches. Set it horizontally on a table and snip off the two bottom corners, starting halfway from the top. Soak it in water for a few minutes until pliable. Roll the sides into a cone shape. To secure it together, weave string through and knot it. Let it dry up to 24 hours and remove the string. Once you have the desired cone shape, line it with tissue paper and tie on ribbons. You can fill it with nuts, leaves, or other fall trinkets.

Woven arrangements for your front door bring the fall spirit to anyone who sees your home. These too are cornucopia-inspired and are made similarly to the miniature cornucopias only these are filled with beautiful autumnal flora. Use seeded eucalyptus foliage from Bradford pear trees, dried hydrangeas and golden winterberry holly as these will keep their color and shape for weeks without any water. Arrange the flowers in a way that you like, and bind the stems together with floral wire or tape. Measure the length of the stems and cut out a square of caning that is a little bit longer on the diagonal than the length of the stems. Position the caning on a table in a diamond shape and trim the bottom corner. After soaking it in water for a few minutes, set it on a table and arrange the flowers on top of it. Wrap it around the bouquet and tie it together with string. Let it dry for 24 hours, and then remove the string. You can decorate with a decorative satin ribbon or burlap fabric. Run a wire through the back of the cornucopia to hang it on your front door.

Cornhusk garland is another garland that is beautiful to throw almost anywhere in your home: over a counter, in a bookshelf or down the center of the table runner. To make this, you need garden twine, 32-gauge floral wire, a tape measure, something to cut wire and dried cornhusks. Striped husks are especially beautiful for this project, but any color will work. You need 20 husks for every foot of garland. Cut a 5-inch piece of floral wire for every cornhusk you will be using. Fold the cornhusk in half and tie the ends to each other using the floral wire. Leave the wire ends loose. Repeat steps for each remaining cornhusk. Measure out a piece of twine that is the length of the space where your garland will hang, plus an extra two feel. Add an extra foot of twine for every eight feet of space where the garland will hang. Cut the length of twine. Start one foot from the end of the twine and attach a husk using the free ends of the wire. Continue your way around the twine and stop a foot from the other end of the twine.

Make a gourd garland using warm-colored gourds from the garden or picked up from the local supermarket. You will need to use miniature gourds for this project and will need a drill to drill a small hole through the center of each gourd. Once you have drilled holes in each gourd, thread twine through a needle and run it through each gourd, knotting it on either side to hold it in place. Leave six inches between each gourd. You can hang your garland indoors or outdoors and use nails to secure it over doorways.

Another quick, cute idea for the fall season is using any variety of squash, Indian corn, gourds and pumpkins to fill any planters that are no longer overflowing with beautiful spring flowers. Tuck colorful leaves into gaps.

I would love to see YOUR fall decorations! Email them to me and who knows – maybe we can get YOUR home decorations featured.


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