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Realtor & Vice President of Sales of Bryan College Station Real Estate

Wife, Mother, REO Team Leader & Sales Manager for the BEST REAL ESTATE AGENTS in Bryan/College Station! Century 21 Beal, Inc. continues to provide the highest quality training and service in the Brazos Valley and it is an honor to be affiliated with this company!

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Susan Hilton College Station Real Estate

Realtor & Vice President of Sales of Bryan College Station Real Estate

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Bringing the Stars to A&M

In the Brazos Valley, it seems like there is a natural attraction that regularly draws in interesting (and occasionally infamous) individuals to come hold their events here. Some might say it is all the lovely scenery that surrounds us, from our fascinating architecture that has been built here over the last century to the natural beauty that can only be found in this little corner of Texas. Others would suggest it is thanks to Texas A&M and the worldwide awareness that the school has earned over recent decades for all the innovation that has unfolded within it. Regardless, for an area that has managed to maintain the small-town charm that it is known for, College Station is never short on acclaimed visitors eager to entertain us. Better still, most of these lectures are free for all to attend.
In fact, it was about this time last year that we had one of the most illustrious science-fiction and fantasy authors come to see us. George R. R. Martin is currently writing the line of books that the immensely popular television series Game of Thrones is based on, but he took a break so he could hold a special screening of the introductory episode to the third season for us before the rest of the world saw it. When asked why he went with College Station, George R. R. Martin stated, “I remembered Texas A&M and the great facilities you have there.” as his answer. Working with Century 21 Beal to find your new home in College Station ensures you won’t miss these occasions when one happens to arise.
Who will be headed to Aggieland in the near future? In most cases, it is difficult to discover the answer to that unless you reside right here within the area since such matters are one of our better-held secrets. But assuming that you promise not to tattle on me, I can clue you in on one such visit happening soon. Ready? “Show me the money!” If you guessed Jerry Maguire, you are a real trivia buff! Not only that, but you will be thrilled to hear that the man that the character of Jerry Maguire was based on, Leigh Steinberg, will be stepping up to speak on campus near the end of this month. Leigh is delighted to discuss his work with the residents of the Brazos Valley, including how he has negotiated contracts in excess of two billion dollars over the course of his career. Although he has also arrived to bring attention to his new book ‘The Agent: My 40-Year Career Making Deals and Changing the Game’, it is primarily a passion for our community that caused him to head our way. Century 21 Beal is excited to stir about a similar passion within you, so you can be the next noteworthy arrival to Aggieland!

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Bummed about Johnny Football? OPAS is Here to Help!

As exciting as it has been to witness our boys in maroon take to the field this year, the curtains have closed on the football season in the Brazos Valley for now. Aggieland is a OPAScommunity known for our spirited relationship that we share with our beloved Texas A&M, and we express that bond most passionately through our cheers that echo out from the football stadium. Given the deserved attention that the Texas Aggies have received over the last few seasons with their acceptance into the SEC as well as the strategy shown by Coach Kevin Sumlin while he leads the Heisman-winning Johnny Manziel along with the rest of our fantastic team to victory, it is no wonder why everybody burns bright with intense fire for the sports scene in College Station. Instead of suffering from football withdrawals without a competition to watch every weekend during this time of year, it is a grand opportunity to reflect on the numerous other sources of entertainment that are offered in the Brazos Valley usually overlooked when we are caught up in the thrill of every touchdown.

For example, far too few families and individuals know about the sensational selection of live theatre venues to be found in our fair municipality. In fact, the heads of Texas A&M themselves founded MSC OPAS back in 1972 as a way to present a diverse arrangement of the performing arts to our city. Over four decades later, MSC OPAS continues to bring the best of the stage right to Rudder Auditorium with such shows as Bring It On: The Musical, Fahrenheit 451, and West Side Story all set for the remainder of this season. When asked about the productions offered this year, Anne Black, the executive director for MSC OPAS, stated, “We realized something very special while celebrating our anniversary last season. OPAS brings people together. From families to first dates, from co-workers to lifelong friends, people love enjoying live entertainment with us. And that’s something that hasn’t changed in 40 years. This season continues that wonderful tradition.”

In addition to what the university has given to our area through MSC OPAS, there exists an enticing selection of contributions to local theatre in both Bryan and College Station. For instance, Brazos Valley TROUPE is celebrating twenty years of providing our region with lively stage entertainment featuring actors and actresses from our own neck of the woods. The group has established a reputation for itself among the residents of Aggieland for their improvisational comedy crew, The Oxymorons, and because it is a low-cost alternative to other similar locales for such amusement.
Overall, don’t let yourself be burdened down by the departure of our enthralling football team until the leaves change color once more, especially when there is a collection of choices for fun in our corner of Texas. It won’t take long before you see that the act of finding activities to enjoy in this town is as much of a ball as the activities themselves! Looking to move to the area? The expert agents at Century 21 Beal can help you find the perfect home to buy or rent!

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Farmer’s Market Brings Great Food to B/CS

Farmer's market

Outside the automatic doors of a Village Foods in Bryan, TX stand four plastic tables lined with nothing but pure and simple foods. On one stand jars of homemade salsas and barbecue sauce, another displays breads made by the hands of locals, one offers a variety of homemade hats, and the last holds cage free eggs and fresh vegetables.

The Brazos Valley Farmers Market, which had its beginnings about 35 years ago, is a fundamental, yet often overlooked, part of the Bryan College Station community. Managed by Roger Burton and his wife, the market was first started by local farmers who wanted to get their produce out. They were truck farmers who wanted to be able to sell around the community. Burton’s family got involved in the farmers market about 7 years ago when their younger son and an unfortunate twist of fate brought them into contact Read the rest of this entry »

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College Station Ranked #3 on Best Places to Live 2013!


This month, the city of College Station was ranked number 3 on Kiplinger’s list of “10 Great Places to Live, 2013”. Kiplinger, a personal finance magazine, is considered a reliable source for financial and business information by many in the industry. Needless to say, this is a huge deal for our town!

So, what exactly makes the Bryan/College Station area so attractive?

Friendly Places, Friendly People

It’s no surprise that College Station is a place where you can experience firsthand what southern hospitality means. There is no s

Texas A&M University
hortage of people willing to give you directions or hold open a door for you. Around here, Read the rest of this entry »

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City of College Station, Texas Video

YouTube Preview Image


Great video about the Bryan College Station Aggieland area. Feel free to share with others. Our community continues to grow! We have a new hospital, new businesses, new home developments, new restaurants and so much more.  Where else could anyone want to live?

Susan Hilton

CENTURY 21 Beal, Inc.

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